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Heidi's Happy Dogs

Heidi’s Happy Dogs


Rates and Services

Dog Walking
Private one-on-one walks. We will take your dog on leashed walks in your neighborhood. We make sure your dog gets out to stretch their legs, get some fresh air and does their business! We never take more than one dog at a time. We believe every dog deserves our full attention on our walks.



30 minute walk $45
45 minute walk $55
60 minute walk $65

More Info
Walking two dogs at the same time from your household $10 additional charge.

Dog Running
Private one-on-one runs. We will take your dog on leashed runs in your neighborhood. If your dog seems to have limitless energy, this unique exercise option is a must! Just like in humans, running is a tremendous aerobic exercise that provides dogs numerous physical and mental benefits.

30 minute run $55
45 minute run $65
60 minute run $75

*You should always consult with your veterinarian before starting a running program. Puppies under one year old, elderly dogs, or those with chronic health issues may not be ready to start a running program.

Cancelation Policy:
Heidi’s Happy Dogs is requesting a 24 hour notice for all dog walking or dog running appointments. If less than 24 hours notice is given full payment is due. Extreme circumstances will be taken into account. Thank you for your consideration.




​Heidi’s Happy dogs is a licensed and insured dog walking and running service.

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