Kerith the therapy dog

Kerith The Therapy Dog!


Kerith In the News!

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Private, one-on-one walks and runs

where every dog gets 100% of our

undivided attention!    

We are in Marin County, CA

  • Heidi’s Happy Dogs is Marin County’s premiere Dog Walking and Dog Running Co. ​
  • We offer private one-on-one leashed dog walks in your neighborhood
  • Private one-on-one leashed dog runs in your neighborhood

Heidi’s Happy Dogs is here to help you if: 

  • You are not home for an extended amount of time and your dog needs to get out for some relief and exercise
  • You need a break and would like someone else to walk your dog
  • Your dog wants to go running and you are not a runner


  • We will devote one-on-one special time to your dog whether it be in your home on the sidewalks or on the trails.  
  • We treat all the dogs we walk or run with respect and like a member of our own family.

Mission Statement

Heidi’s Happy Dogs, Dog Walking and Dog Running provides a professional and reliable service to your furry best friend. Every dog receives the attention and love they deserve while on their leashed individual walk or run.


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